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Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus Coming to Wii U?

Pokemon X and Y have been out for only a few months, but there has been some rumors circulating the internet that new games are already in development. Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus, their rumored titles, are rumored to be coming to the Nintendo Wii U, with some possible Nintendo 3DS support.


Pokemon X and Y were the first major entries into the series with 3D graphics and full animated battle sequences. Offering customization and the new fairy type, the games quickly topped the sales charts. It seems too early for another Pokemon game in the main franchise to be coming out; the trading cards just recently went on sale, the anime just started this month, and merchandising is still in its early stages. The Wii U, however, does need a big game to draw some sales.


The PS4 and Xbox One have been out drastically shorter periods, and have already surpassed total Wii U sales. A console Pokemon game could be what is needed to get some life going with the Wii U.


Again, this game is unconfirmed, but has been reported by Dual Pixels, known for braking ground on many rumors in the past, but also for being wrong as well. Out of the limited details “unveiled,” we have been told that Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus will feature an arching theme of, “Old tradition vs new exploration.¬† Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Y are also rumored to feature¬† new region based on a part of Asia. As in previous Pokemon games, there will be 3 starters to choose from, with some limited, though sketchy details emerging on those, too. Two legendaries are reported, with one being a new ghost/fairy type.

There has never been a full multi-player main entry in the Pokemon franchise, but reports suggest that perhaps Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus will allow for game play on the 3DS and Wii U gamepad  controller.


Be sure to check back in for more Pokemon Plus and Minus rumors and X and Y game guides!

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