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Pokemon Collectionary

The Pokemon Collectionary is part of the Collectionary network of sites offering up an expansive dictionary of what people like to collect. The internet has individual sites showing niches of collectors, but the Collectionary is one of the few out there that is including information on all forms of collections.


Collectionary is a combination of the words collection and dictionary, fully demonstrating what the site’s main purpose is all about.  As part of their efforts, they have also created a Pokemon collection dictionary at the Pokemon Collectionary. Since its inception with the Pokemon Red and Blue games in the United States and their Japanese counterparts, the Pokemon phenomenon has grown from handheld games to a full on craze. Video games, trading cards, spin offs, a tv show, movies, action figures,  branded food, theme parks… Pokemon has seen it all in its rise.


Check out the Pokemon Collectionary to view some of these great collector item from the Pokemon franchise.  Not only will you get a chance to learn about these items and feel the nostalgic feeling, but the site will point you in the right direction to purchase or obtain them as well.

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