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Pokemon Yellow Remake For 3DS

april fools

Nintendo has just released their next game remake; Pokemon Yellow. They intend to remake and remaster the 1998 hit, and make it available for the 3DS, New 3DS, and the 2DS. This will be a 20th Anniversary Edition to be released worldwide November 13th, 2015. The last Gen 1 remakes were FireRed and LeafGreen back in January of 2004. This ... Read More »

6 Free Mega Pokemon Event Coming Soon?

mega gyrados

There have been rumors coming from the Japanese market that gamers in that region will be receiving up to 6 Mega Pokemon in a give away event! It has been common practice for years in Pokemon to have internet give aways through the Mystery Gift option that has been part of the games for several generations. We have seen legendary ... Read More »

Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus Coming to Wii U?

pokemon plus rumor

Pokemon X and Y have been out for only a few months, but there has been some rumors circulating the internet that new games are already in development. Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus, their rumored titles, are rumored to be coming to the Nintendo Wii U, with some possible Nintendo 3DS support.   Pokemon X and Y were the first ... Read More »

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