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Pokemon Art Academy

Pokemon Art Academy

Pokémon Art Academy is an educational video game for the 3DS. It is a spin-off of Art Academy featuring characters from Pokemon. The game should more so be considered an Art Academy game than an actual Pokemon game. It was first released in Japan in June 2014, and then in Europe and Australia in July, and North America in October.

pokemon art academyPokémon Art Academy is designed to teach players how to draw various Pokemon in 40 lessons. Players progress through three skill levels while learning new techniques and art concepts, unlocking additional tools along the way. Each drawing can be transferred to a Pokémon Trading Card Game card border when finished, with the option to add a background image.

The game also includes a Free Paint Mode that allows players to draw whatever they want, the option to load templates, and well a Quick Sketch Mode, which is simple drawing with limited tools. Additional templates can be unlocked, or downloaded as downloaded content through Nintendo Network events. Pokémon, The game features Miiverse functionality that allows drawings to be uploaded to Nintendo’s Miiverse Community, and take part in art contests.

Pokémon Art Academy was first announced by Nintendo in Japan in 2014, along with a Japanese release date set for June. English releases were confirmed a month later, being set to launch in Europe in July, and North America in the fall. An October 2014 release date for North America was later confirmed via a press release in August.

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