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Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap was a rail adventure on the Nintendo 64, where the player was thrown onto Pokemon Island’s various zones in a quest to take quality photographs for Professor Oak’s research. As you captured better shots of various Pokemon, you would unlock tools to assist in the photo taking process, items that would lead to Pokemon making various poses, and discover new zones, each with different Pokemon species waiting to be captured… on film.

From beautiful beaches, to treacherous volcanoes and caves… Pokemon live in all sorts of unique environments, forcing the player to find new paths and think of ways to lure out the Pokemon and even make them evolve to learn more about the various species. At the time of Pokemon Snap‘s release, it was still only in generation 1 of the Pokemon universe, so only species from the original 151 make an appearance.

To this date, no sequel has been announced despite the game’s success and the invention of the 3DS, Nintendo Wii and Wii U, all of which have been noted as being made in a way that could expand the game play of the original Pokemon Snap.

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