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Pokemon X and Y 3D Gameplay:

For the first time in Pokemon history, the game play will be offered up in full 3D, accessible when utilizing the 3D slider on the Nintendo 3DS console. The characters and Pokemon models have also been graphically updated to be in 3D, moving the franchise in a direction away from the standard sprites that had been used. 2D elements will still be seen at parts in the game, but Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be the first true 3D Pokemon game.


Pokemon X and Y Transportation:


No longer will players be limited to a 4 directional game pad for controlling their character. Players will not have 8 directional options, giving a new layer of movement and exploration to the series. Pokemon X and Y will also feature riding select Pokemon and roller skates as a means for transportation.


Pokemon Amie:


Similar to Nintendogs, players will be able to interact with their Pokemon in ways never before offered. You will be able to pet, play and feed your Pokemon, strengthening your bond with them in the process.


Pokemon X and Y Horde Battles:

The original Pokemon Red and Blue offered single battles only where it was 1 vs 1 Pokemon battles. Since then we have seen rotation battles and battles featuring a few other Pokemon. Pokemon X and Y will feature Horde battles where up to 5 wild Pokemon may attack at one time. Great opportunity for some experience points, but be ready to take some damage.


Pokemon X and Y Player Search System:

Pokemon X and Y will allow gamers to battle, trade and connect with other players over the internet.


Pokemon X and Y Sky Battles:

Pokemon X and Y will allow for Sky Battles where it is flying type or levitating Pokemon only. Battles can be initiated by trainers on cliff sides as well.


Fairy Type Pokemon:

The dragon type Pokemon has been taken down a notch in Pokemon X and Y with the introduction of Fairy type Pokemon.







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