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Pokemon TCG

Pokemon Trading Card Game

The Pokemon Trading Card Game, also known as Pokemon TCG (trading card game), is a card game made long side of the Pokemon games in each generation. There are cards representing each species of Pokemon, including their baby, base and evolved forms, trainer cards with special abilities, and energy cards that are generally required to perform each attack.

Unlike traditional 52 card games, the Pokemon Trading Card Game deck continues to grow and can be adapted as new cards are obtained. As of 2014, around 15 billion Pokemon cards have been produced globally.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has seen various artists produce the Pokemon cards, and even have changed producing companies to bring them in house as of the Ruby and Sapphire generation, taking over the Pokemon cards production from Wizards.

Pokemon TCG

Each generation of Pokemon games tend to see the influx of a new set of Pokemon cards as well. Base sets are established, and then booster packs and expansions can be obtained to collect different Pokemon species, limited print holographic cards and even special promotional cards, some of which are only obtainable at events and giveaways.

The following sets of cards have been produced as of this date. Use this or the side navigation to browse for your favorite Pokemon cards or learn more.

Original Series Pokemon Cards

Base Set



Base Set 2

Team Rocket

Gym Heroes

Gym Challenge

Neo Series

Neo Genesis

Neo Discovery

Neo Revelation

Neo Destiny

Legendary Collection Series

e-Card Series

Expedition Base Set



Promotional series Pokemon Trading Card Game

Southern Islands

Wizards Black Star Promos

Best of Game Cards

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