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5 Uses for Amiibo Figures in Pokemon

Nintendo just announced the release of the Amiibo figures to coincide with the release of Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU. These figures would be held over the WiiU gamepad, and each figure will be used differently per game. The current figures set for release are Yoshi, Villager, Pikachu, Princess Peach, Kirby, Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, Samus Aran, Donkey Kong, Mario, Link, and Fox, along with Zelda and Pit set for a later release date. The Amiibo figures are able to be trained in attack and defense, and can also learn new fighting tactics. Almost like Pokemon, which leads to some uses for these figures in a Pokemon game.

1. Use Similar To the Pokewalker

These figures could be held on a key chain, or held in place like a pedometer and used like the Pokewalker. Each step taken would equal 1 exp, like the in-game Daycare Centers. To transfer the Pokemon you’d like to raise, you’d scan it into its specific figure and carry it around like the Pokewalker. The Pokemon could pick up hard to find items to be transferred back along with the Pokemon. If Nintendo decided to add a screen to these, like the Pokewalker, you could play games with your Pokemon or send them to different terrains to train and play at.

2. Special Give Aways

Event Pokemon similar to that of Surfing Pikachu, having special moves or abilities, could be given away by these figures. You’d simply go to a GameStop or other place events are usually held, scan the figure into your game, and receive it from the delivery person in the Pokemon Center; much faster than the usual GameStop downloads, and easier than putting in codes for your event Pokemon.

3. Rare Pokemon

These figures could be sold to allow players to obtain Pokemon not easily found in game, or, as listed above, a rare Pokemon with special moves or a special ability. Scan the figure into your game for a one time use, similar to event codes. Like most events, Legends would be a possibility, along with hard to find Pokemon, or Pokemon with their mega stone.

4. Extra PokeBank

If the figure wasn’t a specific Pokemon, or was cleverly designed to look like the PCs, they could serve as an extra PokeBank. Players could attach the figure to their 3DS, or any other platform a Pokemon game is released for, and immediately have extra box space upon purchase.

5. Pokemon From One Game Can Go To Another

Like the N64 Transfer Packs; your Pokemon can come from any game compatible with the Amiibo figures, and go to any game compatible. Per say, if Nintendo ever decided to give us a new Stadium game, you could transfer your flawless, shiny Pokemon into that game and battle on the Stadium game, and then return them to your game.

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